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Welcome to the wonderful world of Steampunk.

But what is Steampunk, you might ask? From themes and styles taken from science fiction and Victorian England to the wild, Wild West or a dark Transylvanian mountain chalet, Steampunk embodies them all. Steampunkers design characters based on anything from survivors of a post-apocalyptic city to historic Victorian individuals. Even within our group, we have a little bit of everything and a mixture of all.

The recipe is simple.Take a little Jules Verne, a bit of science fiction, an awesome array of Victorian clothing, airships, and futuristic weapons and add on an assortment of gears and cogs then blast everything with a shot of old fashioned steam and you have Steampunk. We even have our own music.

It is certainly a literary creation unlike the other genres because it has but a few guidelines and a huge dose of mystery. If you enjoy the Victorian era in England and the US and you love the paranormal or fantastical stories of time travel or strange alternative futures, then Steampunk is for you. It encompasses all of this, and we join together to make our dreams and quirky ideas into a unique reality.

Join the Airship Athena and join us for a journey into the Magical World of Steampunk….

Get Started with a Steampunk Hat-

Are there rules for Steampunk hats? Generally the answer is no. However, working with a traditional top hat or bowler is an easy way to start.Which hat fits your style?

Bowlers are great for everyday wear but can also be worn for special events if dressed up right.

Top hats give the Steampunker lots of room to work. Have fun with it…feathers, gears & cogs, winged pins, society logos. However, one word of experience. The more you add, the heavier your hat will be to wear so know your limits or do lots of neck exercises.

Oh and whatever you do…Don’t forget the GOGGLES!