Do you consider yourself a mad inventor? This is a league created by

Airship Athena's own mad inventor, Larry.



Lunaticum League of Inventors (LLI) 


The Symbol Derives from the Lune in Geometry

Lunaticum (lūnāticum)  Latin Adj: Of, or living on the moon, epileptic, crazy person, lunatic, moonstruck.

Neuter : Lunaticum, masculine: Lunaticus,  feminine: Lunatica.

Some Inventors use the Following Terminology:

Lunatico (lūnāticō) Latin Adj: quirky, temperamental and unstable.

Neuter : Lunatico, masculine: Lunatico,  feminine: Lunatica. 


The Lunaticum League of Inventors is a loose aggregation of Inventors at various positions of genius along their arc of creativity.  They are known to practice Radical Inclusionism and are considered Autonomous Inventors, with no creative allegiance to any Sponsored Guild but their own.  They champion the Free Maker Ideals of skill sharing and celebrate in the synergy of creative minds.  Isolated Inventors inevitably drift further into the realms of madness and it’s one purpose of the Lunaticum League to anchor them into the community of Makers for the benefit of all.


Lunaticum Titles

The title Lunaticus (or Lunatico for males), Lunatica (for females) is inserted before the first name and denotes an Inventor.  Your name followed by Inventor et Lunaticos is also common and acceptable.


The Mad Inventor Rey Third, becomes Lunaticus Rey Third, or abbreviated to L. Rey Third.

The Mad Inventor Fae Cottingley Maker, becomes Lunatica Fae Cottingly Maker, or L. Fae  Cottingley Maker.


Some of the more organized local groups have established a hierarchy of Inventors to better address the needs of its members.  For example, parings of Mad Inventors and Serious Tinkerers are particularly productive, but other work group parings often produce exciting results as well.


Hierarchy of Inventors

1st Degree: Tinker:  Fascinated and enthralled by invention, practicing the art with success--Sane.

3rd Degree: Serious Tinkerer: Industrious and Productive--Mostly Sane.

5th Degree: Touched Maker: Has made a successful voyage into realm of Machine Madness and back with wonderful new insights—Mostly sane with a tendency to stare into the workings of machines for long periods of time for inspiration and messages.

7th Degree: Mad Maker: Many trips into and around the realms of Machine Madness and has brought back true brilliance--Is convinced that all the machine designs are out there for the properly structured question. Starting to slip the bonds of conventional thinking.

9th Degree Mad Inventor: Often completely bonkers but easily the most fun at inventor parties--a frequent traveler into the realm of Machine Madness for inspiration and is convinced that sanity is not a necessary commodity for most endeavors.  They are quirky and odd, and if well chaperoned, can better the plight of humanity in fundamental ways.

(There are no 2nd, 4th, 6th or 8th Degrees.  They are all odd.)




True Lunacy: an Occupational Hazard

Periodic inquiries into the sanity of the Mad Inventor are known as De Lunatico Inquirendo.  It is an inquisition into the state of a person’s mind, whether it is sound or not. If not of sound mind, the person is designated non compos and can add this to their title.  For example, if L. Rey Third, was declared lost in the realm of madness then he would be designated L. Rey Third, N.C.  This would denote a truly Mad Inventor.  True Lunacy is the inevitable destination of Inventors who tread the boundaries of madness alone.  The Lunaticum League was founded to avoid this eventuality by providing the lone inventor with a community of genius to share both the burdens and the delights of the many illuminations found in the realms of madness.  In turn, the Mad Inventor can provide experience and insight for the willing members of the order.


Commission de lunatico inquirendo

Writ de Lunatico Inquirendo

A writ issued to inquire into the state of a person’s mind, whether it is sound or not. If not of sound mind, the person is called non compos, and is committed to proper guardians.



From: Kingdom of the Machines: A Compendium of Lore gathered from those who Quest the Realm.  From the WorkBooks of the Lunaticum League of Inventors


On The Boundary Lands into Machine Madness:

There is no sharp line of demarcation between the lands of solid mechanical logic and the regions where the mechanical impossibilities drift and swirl trying to become possible.  One moment you are traveling where you know your way, the next, you are engulfed in the maelstrom of machine designs waiting to be.  If you are prepared and skilled enough to recognize what you seek, you may become an attractive destination for the unformed designs in this realm.  Be wary, classical mechanics do not operate consistently in this realm and repeated interactions often damage the prepared and unprepared alike in mind and spirit.  Those who are purposeful in their quest and retreat back to the logical world, can wrest breakthroughs of amazing magnitude from what is called the Realms of Machine Madness.      


The Geography Surrounding the Kingdom of the Machines: the Realms of Madness.

Upper Reaches: Infinite Control. 

Southern Border: Machine animism.  All machines are alive and are self-aware in their fashion.

Northern Border: Machine driven annihilation. Machines whose purpose it to destroy and kill. 

Eastern Border: Machine precision lacking purpose.  Refined complicated designs that lack a useful purpose or simply have no purpose.

Western Border: Machine purpose lacking precision.  Brute machines that accomplish their task without regards to their surroundings.  Great collateral damage.

Lower Reaches: No Control


Innovation and creativity are harvested from the borderlands of Machine Madness by the Inventor Leagues for the good of humanity’s future.  The Borderlands are only guarded, by common sense.  Lone Inventors and Inventors that serve a darker purpose are free to travel there as well. The ability to translate there in mind, is a gift that marks the inventor class.  There are many with this ability, either known or unknown to them, but few are trained.


L. Rey Third, Lunaticum League of Inventors, 5th Degree: Touched Maker: He has made a successful voyage into realm of Machine Madness and back again with wonderful new insights—Mostly sane with a tendency to stare into the workings of machines for long periods of time for messages and inspiration.  Morality and empathy are intact, if a little strained by his journey.